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What is SSEESS?

Read more about the visit of SSEESS, The Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences, on May 7th.

On Thursday May 7th Lund was visited by SSEESS’s Director Magnus Tannerfeldt, Senior Research Officer’s Neda Farahbakhshazad and Dan Wilhelmsson as well as Anna Metzger Communication officer.

Magnus, Neda, Dan and Anna  presented what SSEESS is and the role of SSEESS in the global context and informed about how they assist Swedish research to become part of global initiatives.

The aims of SSEESS are to strengthen the collaboration between Swedish scientists and international programmes, initiatives and organisations within Global Environmental Change (GEC) research (as for example Future Earth).

What is GEC research?

Global Environmental Change (GEC) research programmes have, for almost 30 years, researched planetary-scale changes in the Earth system such as

  • land
  • ocean
  • atmosphere
  • living organisms
  • Earth-system cycles
  • deep Earth processes.

As all of these natural systems influence each other to varying degrees, GEC research often addresses complex systems, including large-scale changes in society. Today it is widely recognised that research on Earth-system sciences requires knowledge from both the natural and social sciences.

Earth system Governance and SDSN

Two of the organizations involved in Global Environmental Change (GEC) presented and answered questions in connection to their activities and how to get involved in their work. The Earth System Governance project was represented by the Executive Director Ruben Zondervan from the project office of Earth System Governance located in Lund and Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) was represented by Darko Manakovski, who is located the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV) in Gothenburg.

More information

Below are two important links to learn about what SSEESS can bring to you and you research:

Information about what SSEESS is currently up to, funding opportunities, job opportunities and global projects:

Sign up to be a member of the Swedish GEC Science Gateway forum here:


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