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Announcement of call for salary funds for up to 6 BECC postdoctoral positions in Lund

The BECC board has decided to strengthen the ongoing interdisciplinary development of BECC research by announcing a call for funding salary of up to 6 two-year postdoctoral researcher positions. The aim is to promote the development of BECC research by creating and strengthening interdisciplinary interactions. Application deadline is January 27st 2017, 12.00.
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This is an abbridged summary in English of the full call. Refer to the full call (in Swedish) for further details.

The initiative seeks to promote interaction between researchers, research groups and research projects in BECC and cannot be used to fund existing postdocs. Projects must involve at least two research groups at different departments/units with the funded postdoc working on projects that involve those research groups.

This call particularly aims to support early-career researchers with high potential to become future research leaders by providing the opportunity to seek funding for a postdoc to work under their supervision. The main applicant must be a Principal Investigator (PI) of BECC and have obtained a PhD degree no earlier than 2006 (extensions due to e.g. parental leave or illness are possible).

All six postdocs will be based at the Centre for Environmental and Climate research (CEC) and all vacancies will be announced at the same time in a joint recruitment process during 2017. The postdocs’ main duty will be to carry out research, but active participation in the BECC environment is expected. Postdocs may also participate in teaching on a limited basis.

Funding conditions

BECC funding will be limited to salary costs including social costs and overhead for 24 months for the postdoc position. All other expenses,  including running costs for the research project, are the responsibility of the applicants. All six postdocs will be based at CEC; hosts may arrange temporary work space at other departments if necessary.

Evaluation of applications

Applications are evaluated on the basis of:

  • Scientific quality. Only applications of the highest scientific quality will be supported. The application must describe a project that is feasible to carry out in the context of a two-year postdoctoral position.
  • Relevance in relation to BECC LU Strategy 2016-2020 and the new Challenge Themes. Including the potential to initiate or enhance interdisciplinary collaboration within BECC.
  • The applicants’ academic track record and demonstrated engagement for the development of the BECC environment.
  • Degree of synergy between different research areas of BECC.
  • Availability of adequate resources (e.g. external funding) to cover project running costs.
  • Credible plan for dissemination of results tailored to the research conducted.

What must the application contain?

1. First page: project title, name and affiliation of the main applicant and co-applicants and a project summary of 200 words maximum.
2. Scientific description of the postdoctoral project (maximum 5 pages, 12 pt text) including a clear statement of objectives, methodology/approach and interaction between the involved research groups, project budget.
3. Specification of available financial resources held or applied for clarifying how project running costs will be financed.
4. CV and publication lists for applicant and co-applicants.
5. Send complete application incl. attachments to anna [dot] boo [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se.

Time plan

Application deadline: 27 January 2017, 12.00.

Funding decision: Spring 2017.


Information English

Information Svenska


Questions about the call? Contact Anna Boo, 046-222 12 52, anna [dot] boo [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se

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