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Report from The Science and Politics 1.5C seminar

A well visited full day with engaged and broad audience and speakers were the results of the first official BECC grand seminar jointly organized with MERGE. A grand seminar is defined as a full day filled with speakers and possibilities for discussions. November 26, BECC and MERGE jointly presented The Science and Politics of 1.5C. The organizers thank all participants and presenters of the day and we learned a lot today from many different disciplines.

We heard about ways how we can make our models smarter (dynamic vegetation, carbon-nitrogen interactions, regional models) and became aware of that we need to understand how carbon sequestration in soil really works; and how land management can be changed. The past climate was brought up as important learning factor and to make our projections more realistic. Steering us towards how politics influence the scientific agenda and timescales and became awaken about the capability of us as scientist and persons: we can do a lot; and should do a lot (diet, energy, cars, family planning). And finally a warning that we might be heading towards what we don’t want – climate engineering; without a proper governance structure around it (taboo dilemma)

You will find the program and presentations below

Ina Möller presenting kol


10.00 Coffee

10.30 Welcome and Introduction – Fariborz Zelli

10.40 Intro for MERGE research on 1.5 °C - PDF iconPaul Miller

11.00 Intro on BECC research on 1.5°C - PDF iconKristin Aleklett

11.20 Implications of 1.5°C on natural system: a paleoclimate perspective - PDF iconJesper Sjolte

12.00 Lunch break

13.00 The implications of the 1.5 Special Report for science - PDF iconJasmine Livingston

13.40 Visions and Pathways to 1.5°C -Kim Nicholas

14.20 Coffee break

14.40 Implications of 1.5°C on governance: a political science perspective - PDF iconIna Möller 

15.20 Discussion

16.00 End of seminar

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Report from The Science and Politics 1.5C seminar

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