Open for all BECC-associated researchers

Please consider gender aspects, interdisciplinary aspects, synthesis, stakeholder and the connection between Gothenburg and Lund when submitting proposals for different activities.

BECC welcomes workshop initiatives within BECC’s area of interest. Any member of BECC can apply for funds for workshops. BECC research themes and action groups are encouraged to apply to workshops to initiate applications.

We encourage applicants to also generate funding from other sources. Thus, applications for co-funding of workshops, for which funding has also been sought or granted from other sources such as research projects, research councils or donations, are particularly welcome.

A workshop can be funded by maximum 100,000 SEK.

A BECC workshop:

  • is open to all BECC researchers (invitation through the BECC Newsletter and BECC event calendar),
  • contains BECC-related research which is well connected to researchers in BECC,
  • considers gender aspects as well as inter-disciplinary aspects, stakeholder interaction and the connection between Gothenburg and Lund universities when relevant,
  • is completed when reported in LUCRIS, on BECC’s web site and in the BECC Newsletter.

Decisions on workshops are taken by the BECC board. Proposals for workshops can be submitted at any time.

Use this template to make sure that all requested information about your workshop is included in the application: 
Proposal for a BECC workshop (DOCX, 19 kB)



Discuss your idea with a coordinator or theme leader.

The BECC board

Send your proposal to Lina Nikoleris. 
lina [dot] nikoleris [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: BECC)