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BECC Guest researchers

BECC welcomes guest researchers to work in areas that fall within the scientific framework and interest of its research area, with the aim to further strengthen the research and research groups. BECC guest researchers are invited by researchers within BECC, in Lund and Gothenburg.

Below is a list of current and former guest researchers financed by BECC:

Current guest researchers

  • Stefan Doerr (2018-2019)
    University of Swansea

Former guest researchers

Apart from above many researchers in BECC host researchers from abroad and are invited to go for research stays at other universities.


Page Manager:

Steven Bernstein, about his guest researcher experience

“My stay allowed me to engage with a large number of faculty and graduate students working broadly on BECC themes, as well as sustainability and climate change research more broadly. While my interactions have been particularly intense with other political scientists, I have also learned from, and engaged with, researchers from other fields owing to my participation in various BECC events, as well as through individual meetings.

I hope that I have also contributed to the intellectual and research environment at BECC and political science, as well as within the sustainability community at Lund University (e.g., IIEEE and LUCSUS) more broadly. As a result of this stay, I also can foresee ongoing opportunities for continued engagement and collaboration.

I am extremely grateful for the generous support of BECC in allowing me to spend time at CEC and Lund University more broadly. I feel it was a very productive and fruitful stay. I look forward to continuing engagement and exploring future collaborative opportunities with BECC and other interested researchers at Lund University.”

Steven Bernstein