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Theme meeting September, 19 2018

Governance perspectives in ecosystem services research

governance perspectives


9-10              Coffee

10-12            Talks from BECC researchers

Experiences from the project “PDF iconDynamic modelling as a basis for policy decisions - Reducing the gap between modelling and policies through stakeholder interactions” - Åsa Knaggård and Klas Lucander

Economic perspectives of biodiversity governance - Nils Droste

PDF iconWho bothers about peat? - Åsa Kasimir 

Short presentations

-Ecosystem services/Natures contribution to people - Johan Ekroos
                                                –A new Nature article13:10-13:20 

 -Report from BECC/MERGE reference group - Yann Clough

12-13  Lunch


Experiences from the project “PDF iconAn analysis of stakeholders behaviour towards public goods”   - Marion Dupoux et al.

PDF iconGovernance perspective in research on Ecosystem services – Introduction to discussions by  Åsa Knaggård:

- Discussions, led by Åsa Knaggård, about…

                     …how the BECC community can do research on the governance
                         of ecosystem services,

                     …how we as researchers can relate to and interact
                         with governance actors.