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BECC-MERGE meeting at the University of Gothenburg

Welcome to a meeting for BECC-MERGE researchers and PhD students.


13.00 Annemieke Gärdenäs: Organic beef and other ecosystem services produced at mosaic landscape

13.20 Marion Dupoux: Glyphosate in social media: an analysis of controversies among stakeholders across space and time

13.40 Erik Thomson: Using fundamental studies of cloud forming particles to improve cloud modeling

14.00 Heather Reese: Remote sensing data for observing changes in the Subarctic

14.20 Coffee break

Discussion about the future of MERGE/BECC including the steering group at the University of Gothenburg and local coordinators.
Some background facts:

  • We have a new contract with Lund University covering 2020 and 2021!
  • We have co-funding from the University of Gothenburg until 2021, but probably not after that.
  • There will probably be a large evaluation of all Strategic Research Areas, likely in 2020.

14.50 Håkan Pleijel: Short information from BECC + questions from the audience

15.10 Mattias Hallquist: Short information from MERGE + questions from the audience

15.30 Steering group for BECC and MERGE at UGOT including coordinators for the programs in Gothenburg.

Before the middle of October, a recruitment group, consisting of one representative from each of the four participating departments, needs to be established. The recruitment group will propose a suggestion for the university to decide on new local coordinators for BECC and MERGE as well as the other members of steering group at UGOT.

The period for the current steering group, including local coordinators, will end on 31 December, 2019. The steering group currently consists of:

  • Håkan Pleijel, coordinator for BECC at UGOT, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Mattias Hallquist, coordinator for MERGE at UGOT, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Åsa Kasimir, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Jessica Coria, Department of Economics
  • Henrik Smith, main coordinator of BECC, Lund University
  • Birgitta Svenningsson, board member of MERGE, Lund University
  • Malin Broberg, PhD representative, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Susan Gotensparre is not formally part of the group but attends meetings to write protocols

The steering group meets (approximately) twice per year to make decisions on budgets etc.

The Research and Innovations Office at UGOT has earlier stated that if a coordinator is replaced by a new person, then it would be possible for a period to have an overlap with the past coordinator (at 5-10%), if there is agreement about this in the steering group. In addition, the Research and Innovation Office also stresses the importance of equality, broad representation and that we follow our agreement with Lund University. Earlier they have also mentioned the importance of rejuvenation of the leadership.

12 June 2019 13:00 to 16:00
Malmstensvåningen (house A, level 6, Vasagatan 1), Handelshögskolan
susan.gotensparre [at]

About the event

12 June 2019 13:00 to 16:00
Malmstensvåningen (house A, level 6, Vasagatan 1), Handelshögskolan
susan.gotensparre [at]