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BECC yearly meeting

direct effects
Direct effects of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services – lessons from the past and implications for future biodiversity conservation and policy

What can we learn from past changes in climate, biodiversity and ecosystem functions/services to anticipate future changes? During this 1,5-day meeting featuring numerous guest speakers, we will look at the evidence from both the distant and recent past. Moving beyond highlights of the latest research, we will in panel debates discuss the implications of these findings for the future of biodiversity, related ecosystem functions and services, and adequate actions in terms of scientific approaches, management and policy.   



17 Oct.

9.15-10.00    Registration and coffee

10.30             Introduction and the aim of the meeting, Information and State of BECC

11.10             Lost ecosystem services after mammalian extinctions - Chris Doughty (Arizona)

12.00             Lunch

13.35             The functional consequences of extinctions: from small mollusks to giant sharks. - Catalina Pimiento (Swansea)

14.10             Hominin effects on macro scale patterns in mammals: the past is the key to the future 
                       - Sören Faurby (Gothenburg)

14.45             Coffee

15.15             Panel discussion - how much can we transfer from the past to the future?

16.15             Breathe and Mingle

19:00             Dinner

18 Oct.         

07.00             Breakfast

09.00             Impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in intensively managed landscapes.
Tom Oliver (Reading)

09.40             Climate-driven variation in floral resources affects bumble bee abundance. - Jane Ogilvie (RMBL & Chicago Bot. Gard.)

10:15             Coffee

10:45             Arctic climate change and biodiversity research: known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns
Dan Metcalfe (Lund) 

11:25             Can we learn from Donald Trump? The challenges of communicating climate research
- journalist Peter Alestig (Klimatkollen, Svenska Dagbladet)

12.00             Lunch

13.15             Panel discussion - communicating past, present and expected effects of climate change moderator Peter Alestig

14.15             Summary BECC yearly meeting

15.00             Coffee and departure


Please register here before 5th October


BECC will cover suggested travels, for booking please do register and pick preferred travel.

Trains to and from will be Öresundståget. Suggested trains:
from Lund C 7.21 or 8.21,
from Gothenburg C 8.55
bus will await us at Falkenberg C


Organizers are: Yann Clough, Sören Faurby and Dan Metcalfe

17 October 2018 10:00 to 18 October 2018 15:00
Falkenberg, Grand Hotel
lina.nikoleris [at]

About the event

17 October 2018 10:00 to 18 October 2018 15:00
Falkenberg, Grand Hotel
lina.nikoleris [at]