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Stakeholder Interaction in Research Processes

A BECC Action Group

Photo: LU

The proposed action group on stakeholder interaction in research processes will add value to the work already conducted as part of the STAKE project through: (i) sharing the findings from STAKE more widely; (ii) testing and developing the guide on stakeholder interaction into a webbased version; and (iii) establishing a network among researchers for further knowledge generation and exchange on effective stakeholder interaction in research processes.

In 2015 the BECC financed project “STAKE: Practices and barriers of stakeholder interaction – challenges for research projects” was conducted. Based on a literature review, a survey among environment and climate change oriented researchers at UGOT, Chalmers and LU, and round table discussions with senior researchers at UGOT and LU, a scientifically informed approach to stakeholder interaction in environmental research processes was elaborated (a scientific article presenting the findings of this work will soon be submitted). A draft guide for researchers, research groups and academic institutions on stakeholder interaction was also developed.

The STAKE project introduced the concept of evidence-based stakeholder interaction, which seeks to understand the success of different approaches to stakeholder interaction in different contexts. This is a novel approach to view stakeholder interaction, acknowledging that different models for interaction should exist side by side, and that success should be evaluated both with respect to the adapted model for stakeholder interaction and of course if the adopted model is a success with respect to the goal of a research process or research environment. The notion of evidence-based stakeholder interaction needs to be further explored.   

The AG will Increase the knowledge among BECC-researchers and other researchers at UGOT and LU about methodologies related to evidence-based stakeholder interaction in research processes. It will also present, test and revise the guide on evidence-based stakeholder interaction developed in the STAKE project and establish a network of interested researchers for further knowledge generation and exchange on these issues.

The action group is founded by members at University of Gothenburg (GU), Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV) and Lund University (LU).


Daniel Slunge, University of Gothenburg
Department of Economics

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