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Spring workshop 2018 Land use - conflicts and synergies

BECC-MERGE joint spring meeting

Monday 7 May

Welcome – Paul Miller Lund University & Håkan Pleijel Gothenburg University

Land use, future needs and use, synergies and conflicts

Anna Maria Jönsson presents the topics of the working groups:

- Land use and biodiversity
- Soil carbon and climate gases
- Atmosphere and particles

Poster session
Paul Miller and Marie-José Gaillard guides us through the different posters.

You decide who receives the award!

Working groups:

Land use and biodiversity
Discussion leaders: Johan Ekroos+ Veiko Lehsten, room Hekto (level 2)

Soil carbon and climate gases
Discussion leaders: Edith Hammer + Leif Klemedtsson, room Kilo (level 2)

Atmosphere and particles
Discussion leaders: Thomas Holst + David Simpson, room Micro (level 1)

Tuesday 8 May

Continued discussions in working groups

Mattias Hallquist guides us through a common discussion on the results of the working groups

Plenary discussions on future collaborations BECC/MERGE and final reflections