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Funding of research

BECC funds faculty positions, post-docs, PhD-positions and, to some extent, direct research expenditures. Each year the board decides how much is allocated to direct research in the budget. Decisions how to allocate these resources are also taken by the board. As a basis for these decisions, proposals are discussed at theme meetings, with action group leaders and with research group leaders.

a) The board decides on long term positions, in close collaboration with the heads of involved departments.
b) The board announces calls for proposals for new research projects when applicable.
c) Themes and action groups have the possibility to apply for this kind of funding.
d) In between the call for proposals and the last day to apply there should be theme meetings arranged to discuss possible projects.
e) The board decides about the proposed research projects.

Call for proposals for research funding in BECC for the years 2018-2020

Up-coming Theme meetings

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Discuss your idea with coordinator or theme leader.
Send your proposal to juliana [dot] danhardt [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Juliana Danhardt.)