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Outreach and cooperation support

Awareness of policy agendas is promoted within BECC , e.g. by illuminating different concepts at annual meetings or targeted workshops. Our research school ClimBEco is also important in fostering awareness and interest in the policy dimension among a new generation of researchers.

The BECC research environment hosts and develops model tools that are used to evaluate policy and management options (e.g. LPJ-GUESS, ForSAFE, Agripolis). By integrating theory, knowledge from empirical studies and input based on practitioner experience, such tools provide an interface to communicate research findings to users, and obtain feedback on unresolved issues, gaps and knowledge needs e.g. with the Board of Agriculture or the  Forest Agency.

Our targeted efforts, an enhanced awareness among researchers of the relevance of their work in a policy context, as well as a growing interest from policymakers in BECC research have resulted in an increase in the number of public and policy impact activities by more than 50% from 2010 until today.

Outreach activities and BECC support

As part the BECC research environment we offer support for outreach activities and other types of cooperation.


BECC seminars are opportunities to gather researchers around central questions, recent up-rising questions, new research findings or it can be a start to invite and discuss with guest researchers. Seminars can be suggestions from researchers, research groups but can also be initiated from the board. Small financing and assistance to arrange and promote seminars are available. Decisions on BECC seminars are taken by a BECC board member. BECC themes can also arrange seminars; proposals for these should be sumitted to theme leaders who take the decisions.

Contact fariborz [dot] zelli [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: BECC%20seminar%20serie) (Fariborz Zelli )for more information.


BECC welcomes intiatives such as workshops within BECC’s area of interest. Any member of BECC can apply for funds for workshops, but the board in particular welcomes proposals from themes and action groups.
A BECC workshop is open to all BECC researchers (invitation through the newsletter) and contains BECC related research which is is well connected to researchers in BECC.

Read more about what funding you can apply for and how

Contact lina [dot] nikoleris [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: BECC%20workshop) (Lina Nikoleris) for more information.

Stakeholder contacts

BECC welcomes initiatives to interact with stakeholders. Resources allocated to themes can be used to such activities but there is more resources for stakeholder interactions. In addition CEC can support the organization of such initiatives and additional resources can be allocated if necessary.

BECC also has a stakeholder reference group, read more about the group here.

Contact hanna [dot] holm [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: BECC%20stakeholder%20reference%20group) (Hanna Holm) for more information


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