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BECC Grand Seminars

This seminar series has the ambition to connect scholars across disciplines to discuss and learn more broadly about what the BECCs research themes imply across the disciplines, perspectives, methodologies and research practices within the strategic research area. The seminar series brings the broader group of BECC junior and senior scholars together to discuss and share research while learning and reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of various concepts, methods and approaches that we apply in our research. The seminars aim to inspire critical reflections on concepts, methodological choices and research practices across the different BECC disciplines. The ultimate objective is to engage BECC scholars to build cross-disciplinary knowledge and competence through sharing and discussions. Thus, the focus is on broadening knowledge, rather than deepening which is often the purpose of other seminars and workshops within BECC.

All the seminars have a similar format. They run for 2–3 hours. The seminar begins with an introduction of the theme followed by brief thought-provoking presentation by BECC and other invited scholars (10 mins) which should represent as broad a range of BECC research as possible. The seminar includes participatory session(s) including small group discussions under the guidance of a moderator.

BECC seminars are opportunities to gather researchers around central questions, recent up-rising questions, new research findings or it can be a start to invite and discuss with guest researchers.

Seminars can be suggestions from researchers, research groups but can also be initiated from the board.

Small financing and assistance to arrange and promote seminars are available. Decisions on BECC seminars are taken by the deputy coordinator.

BECC themes can also arrange seminars; proposals for these should be sumitted to theme leaders who take the decisions.

Please consider gender aspects, inter-disciplinary aspects, synthesis, stakeholder and the connection between Gothenburg and Lund when sending in proposals for different activities.

Do you have suggestions for cross- and interdisciplinary seminars? Please contact Fariborz Zelli. 
fariborz [dot] zelli [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se (subject: BECC%20seminar%20series)

Scheduled seminars can be found in the BECC calendar.