Stakeholder Reference Group

BECC has a stakeholder reference group, together with the SRA MERGE, consisting of high-level representatives of government authorities, branch organisations, companies and NGOs in areas of agriculture, forestry, nature conservation and climate change.

The group convenes biannually and, as one basis for the choice of research problems addressed, explicitly focuses on identifying stakeholder needs for scientific knowledge and matching these against research foci and expertise of BECC and its networks.

Outcomes from these meetings are for example arranged seminars with joint researcher and stakeholder involvement, and the BECC Policy Brief series.

To identify emerging research needs in society and the business sector, BECC also works systematically with stakeholders in identifying such issues.

The BECC Stakeholder Reference Group

We are currently re-organising our joint BECC/MERGE stakeholder reference group. Updated information on participating experts and organisations will be posted shortly.