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Patterns and mechanisms in post-fire recovery of major forest ecosystem services and functions

Start: 2019

My research interest concerns the effects of wildfire on Swedish boreal forests in a changing climate. This covers development of understanding regarding carbon & nutrient cycling and community & habitat structure at various stages of succession using observational data over a large climate gradient.

Currently we have 50 burnt plus 50 adjacent control sites from the 2018 fires established throughout the approximately 57-67 degree latitudinal range of Sweden (0-8 C MAP, 550-775 mm MAP). Here we have acquired in situ measurements of soil layer depths/densities, C&N stocks, PLFA contents, basal area and assessments of understory biodiversity. Data has also been collected from soil and air ambience loggers, resin capsules, and teabags. We welcome contact from researchers of all levels to contribute ideas to this now well established network, including those who may wish to tag along to perform complementary measurements as we visit our sites. Particularly, we are interested in enhancing/comparing our observational data with/to remote sensing, global measurements, and experiment. Additionally, assessing soil change at the chemical level (e.g. measures of pyrolysis, char production) due to fire and linking it to observed trends is of great interest.


PhD student

Johan Eckdahl -

Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
johan [dot] eckdahl [at] nateko [dot] lu [dot] se


Dan Metcalfe -