Carbon Cycle & Climate Change – 4C (foresee)


Drops of water on a green leaf. Photo: Pixabay.

The carbon cycle dynamically couples the biosphere, oceans and atmosphere, and links societal and biophysical dimensions of the Earth system. A grand challenge is to reduce wide uncertainty in the carbon cycle, its responses to anthropogenic and biophysical drivers, and legacy effects of slow-responding processes of vegetation and soils, combining empirical ecology and modelling, informed by studies of the past, and accounting for links across scales from the local to the regional and global.

Accurately quantifying and projecting changes in carbon balance, regionally and globally, across compartments and sectors, and accounting for links to other biogeochemical cycles (e.g. N and P), is central to understanding and projecting climate change and its impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity. This in turn provides a necessary basis for the design of mitigation strategies to sequester greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through land use and management interventions.

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Edith Hammer 
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Edith Hammer
Department of Biology, Lund University 
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