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DataGURU is a webbased tool for disseminating and finding spatial temporal data.

DataGURU is a webbased tool for disseminating and finding spatial temporal data

DataGURU currently contains climate data for the past as well as climate projections until 2100, land use data and projections until 2050 and habitat projections until 2050.

You can find DataGURU here:

Use DataGURU to make your data available to other researchers and gain citations

  • Download spatial to temporal data in the format, resolution and extent you want.
  • Upload your own data and make it accessible – either publicly open to anyone or set limitations to a specific group that can access your data in a specific format.
  • Get your uploaded data cited when used by someone else. 
  • When publishing you can add a direct link to your data (reviewer often strongly encourage this).

Who can upload data?

Anyone who has a dataset that fits into the DataGURU stucture (spatio-temporal dataset with geolocation )

Who can download data?

Anyone. The service is especially targeted to ease the use of data for researchers that want to use data of a field which is not their specialty for their work.

An example of how DataGURU is used can be seen here:

Disentangling the effects of land-use change, climate and CO2 on projected future European habitat types, by Lehsten et all. (2015)

The text in the publication providing the link reads:

This study projected the distribution of broad habitat categories into the future, which can be a valuable input for SDMs.The simulated data presented in this study, as well as the projections of land use by the Dyna-CLUE model, can be accessed from the DataGURU server ( and can be used to project species occurrences based on broad habitat categories.


For questions contact Veiko Lehsten directly.


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