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Bio-energy and land-use governance

Photo: Lund University

Crowding in Open Space: A Micro Level Analysis of the Interaction of Conservation Programs

Resource land conservation provides a wide range of environmental benefits. Such benefits can vary based on the spatial pattern of conservation activities. Land conservation programs sponsored by various entities may interact with each other and have unintended impacts on the spatial pattern of preserved land.  We examine whether a new program with strong geographical target crowds in or crowds out the conservation efforts of existing programs.  We find that the new program can further stimulate the efforts of existing conservation programs.

Contact: Xiangping Liu

Involved researchers: Lori Lynch, Economic Research Service, US Department of Agriculture

Systematic study of the bio-energy policies on agricultural production, land use, and biodiversity conservation in Sweden

We aim to evaluate the effect of bioenergy policies and production in agricultural sector in Sweden. A comprehensive data set is compiled to approximate bioenergy policies, farmers’ decision-making on agricultural practices and biodiversity or ecosystem quality.  We will carry out analyses at land parcel level, farm level, bioenergy firm level, and region/county level.
Read more about the project here

Contact: Xiangping Liu

Involved researchers: Henrik Smith, Thomas Sterner, Martin Stjernman

Land Conservation Programs, Spatial Contiguity, and Crowding-out or Crowding-in Conservation Effort

Contact: Xiangping Liu

CONNECT Linking biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services

A project about advancing insights in tradeoffs and synergies between biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem service values for improved integrated biodiversity policy

Contact: Anna Nordén and Jessica Coria, Martin Sykes and Veiko Lehsten

A meta-level analysis of global biomass trade in the context of land use, equity and global security

This one-year project maps the state-of-the-art scholarly research for describing and understanding global biomass trade and its implications for equity, security and land use.
Read more about the project here

Contact: Jonathan Seaquist and Annica Kronsell