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Three questions to David Wårlind about Swedish Climate Symposium

Profile picture of David Wårlind

On 15-17 May, the second edition of the Swedish Climate Symposium will take place in Norrköping. The symposium offers is a unique opportunity for scholars and societal actors to seek greater scientific understanding of climate change and its consequences for the environment and society. David Wårlind is part of the steering group for the symposium, and we asked him three questions about why you don't want to miss the opportunity to participate.

On 15-17 May 2024, SMHI, the strategic research areas MERGE and BECC and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research invite you to the second Swedish Climate Symposium. We spoke to David Wårlind, one of  MERGE's and BECC's representatives in the steering group, about what makes Swedish Climate Symposium one of Sweden's most important climate events to register for.

Why would you recommend me as a researcher or a societal actor to register for the Swedish Climate Symposium?

Climate change is humanity's greatest challenge and to tackle it, we need collaboration. Swedish Climate Symposium is an unprecedented event in Sweden. It brings together Sweden's foremost researchers in the climate field and welcomes decision-makers and societal actors with climate issues on their agenda. By bringing together expertise from different disciplines and sectors, we create a platform to identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for collaboration. It allows us to deepen our common understanding of how climate change impacts nature and society, and to discuss solutions and push for sustainable development and governance to meet the climate challenge together.

Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to during the symposium?

–  I am looking forward to the scientific presentations and discussions that will be at the highest international level. I expect that we will gain new insights and perspectives in climate science and sustainability. In addition, it is great fun to present your own research and to interact, collaborate and make new contacts with other researchers and societal actors. Poster and mingling sessions will be good for this.

In 2022, the Swedish Climate Symposium was organised for the first time. Will it be a similar event or can we expect some changes?

Although the Swedish Climate Symposium 2022 was a great success and very much appreciated by its participants, we have tried to find new things to make this year's edition an even better event. We received great feedback from the 2022 symposium. We have built on that feedback to expand the symposium with new themes, sessions, and interactive elements to improve the experience. I hope that many will want to join us to discuss current challenges and needs in climate research and community engagement - and look forward to many new meetings!

Welcome to register!

Continue to the Swedish Climate Symposium’s website to register for the symposium: