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Research on imperative questions of our time

Assessing the combined consequences of land-use and climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services, providing a basis for informed societal responses

The world is facing global change that affects societies and ecosystems to a degree never seen before; human activities have had, and ever more continue to have, dire effects on the environment causing accelerating climate change, degradation of land, loss of species, and increasing inequalities between and within countries. These are grand challenges that are complex and intertwined, and embrace the enormous question of how we can supply sustainable production of energy, food and water to societies with as little effects on the environment, ecosystems and climate as possible, and without compromising the health of humans and the efforts of making societies equal. The challenges are also urgent, why drastic changes are critical during the coming years. 

BECC research is about tackling the complex social-ecological grand challenges connected to how climate change and land-use change affect biodiversity and ecosystem services. Our researchers therefore study how direct and indirect human impacts on the climate and ecosystems influence biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, from local to global scales, and then integrate the knowledge generated to inform mitigation and adaptation decisions.

BECC uses its financial and human resources to support existing successful research groups and to stimulate interactions among these groups, creating a research environment that is more than the sum of its individual parts.

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