Research on imperative questions of our time

assessing the combined consequences of climate and land-use change on biodiversity and ecosystem services, providing a basis for informed societal responses

BECC uses its financial and human resources to support existing successful research groups and to stimulate interactions among these groups, thus create a research environment that is more than the sum of its individual parts.

BECC is organized in Research Themes (“Theme” for short) , each relating to a Grand Challenge with regard to the impacts of climate and environmental change on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and the ability of society to adapt to the impacts, or mitigate their causes. Each Theme thus focuses on an overarching issue of scientific importance, in need of scientific coordination, with high relevance to decision making and with potentially high impact on international research, today and in coming years.

Themes function as platforms for intellectual exchange and mutual learning, where researchers meet and develop ideas for new collaborations, research projects, networking, outreach and dissemination activities. To utilize the full potential of the wide range of experience and expertise represented within BECC, Themes cut across disciplines, departments as well as Lund and Gothenburg universities.

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