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Ecosystem Services under Global Change


Trees in a forest. Photo: Pixabay.

Climate, environmental and socio-economic change may negatively impact ecosystems and their services, but may also provide opportunities such as increased agricultural and silvicultural production. A Grand Challenge is to integrate the private and public value of ecosystem services into management and policy while accounting for the projected impacts of climate, land-use and other drivers of change.

The design and assessment of adaptation strategies needs to build on future projections and their uncertainties, but also on studies of the motivations, behaviour and interactions of stakeholders and institutions facing different adaptation choices, and having different, sometimes conflicting, goals.

Tools are needed that can describe key aspects of change, and consequences of proposed adaptation measures, in terms of metrics of interest to decision-makers ranging from farmers and forest owners to regulators, policy makers, government agencies dependent industries, while accounting for governance factors that may help or hinder the realisation of adaptation goals.

Theme leaders

Theme leader:

Cecilia Akselsson 
Cecilia Akselsson –

Deputy Theme leaders:

Yann Clough 
Yann Clough –

Jessica Coria 
Jessica Coria –

Theme leader

Cecilia Akselsson
Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University 
Cecilia Akselsson –