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Research output

Publications, news, films and other media output from and with BECC researchers.

Lund University

You can find BECC research outputs at Lund University's Research Portal.

University of Gothenburg

Research output 2016–2018 (PDF, 1 MB, new tab)

News about BECC research 

Please follow our news to take part of the latest research output from research projects within BECC:

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Films about BECC research

Here are some examples of BECC-related research caught on film: 

They recreate the soil's structure to understand carbon storage!

The soil is the most important place for storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. But what affects the storage capacity? By recreating the structure and content of the soil in microchips, Edith Hammer and her research group at Lund University can study what happens in the microworld beneath our feet.

Edith Hammer, BECC PI and board member, is featured in this film by Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning.

Finding insect biodiversity in the Taï forest with Laser Radar

A research group from Lund University, including BECC-members, team up with groups from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, to measure the insect biodiversity in the Taï virgin rainforest, home to many unknown insect species.

Last primary forests in Sweden

Mapping and inventory of the last primary forests in Sweden.

Swedish Climate Symposium

BECC was one of the co-organisers of The Swedish Climate Symposium 2022

TREE of Rwanda

This project examines the climate sensitivity of indigenous tree species in Rwanda.

For more videos, please have a look at our BECC mini-documentaries:

Mini documentaries about BECC research