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Summary of ClimBEco summer meeting

6 persons with raincoats and umbrellas standing on a jetty. Photo. ClimBEco’s annual summer meeting was held this August over two consecutive days, with both online and in-person meetings in Lund, Malmö and Gothenburg. The summer meeting is one of the highlights of our graduate school, where current PhD students can meet, network and learn more about an interdisciplinary topic. This year our focus was on Ecosystem services in the city.

Tropical montane forests in a warming world

Countryside in Rwanda. Red earth, with green trees and five small houses. Photo “Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, depends on its forests and trees that protect soil fertility, preserve biodiversity, help to cope with climate change and provide fuel for cooking. But the forests used to be much vaster.” Eric Mirindi Dusenge, BECC researcher at University of Gothenburg, is part of a project to find out how native tree species can contribute to tackling ongoing challenges in a warming world.

Thank you for participating in BECC-MERGE spring meeting online Science Says! conference

zoom group photo of conference members Science Says 2020 We appreciate your participation in the online conference, which was a very successful joining of about 100 participants.

Focus on peatland

Peatland, water and brownish turfs. Photo. During a one-day symposium in Gothenburg peatland was the theme, now you may follow the work organized and carried out by BECC researchers in several Swedish media.

Forest governance to meet global challenges

forest trees with grass below, sunlight. Photo. Different aspects of forest governance were presented as well as landscape approaches to achieve multiple goals were discussed and exemplified.

Call for proposals for research funding in BECC

Sprout from piles of coins. Photo. BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate) welcomes proposals for research funding within the vision and aims of BECC for the years 2020-21.

Report from the symposium ”Working together for an environmentally ambitious, evidence-based agricultural policy”

Farming landscape with forest in one end and a red house in the other. Photo. On the 5th of December 2019, BECC organized a full day of science-to-policy discussions in cooperation with the thematic collaboration initiative LU Land, on the topic of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which is currently undergoing a reform. The CAP is a strong shaping force of European land use practices, and therefore also strongly influences biodiversity and ecosystems in the agricultural landscape.

6 BECC postdoc positions at Lund University

Wheels with research pictures. Illustration. Please spread the word!

Report from the symposium Grön infrastruktur och biologisk mångfald

View towards the treetops and the sun. Photo. Den 25 november anordnades en heldag på temat Grön infrastruktur (GI) för biologisk mångfald. Det var ett välfyllt symposium med personer från myndigheter, kommuner, privata företag, organisationer, ideella föreningar och forskare.

BECC annual meeting 2019 - Interdisciplinarity in research on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate

Group photo of participants at the annual meeting 2019 indoors. Photo. The BECC annual meeting was held October 22nd-23rd in Halmstad. At the meeting keynote speakers with expertise in interdisciplinary and and transdisciplinary research presented their research, followed by participant presentations of interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research.