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Spring meeting 2019 – BECC MERGE jointly on the Sustainable Development Goals

sdg During 7-8 of May, 80 researchers within BECC and MERGE met to learn about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and how their research can be linked, and contribute, to the implementation of the goals.

Report on the symposium on Phenological shifts and their impact on Society by BECC and the Swedish National Phenology network.

shift symposium BECC and the Swedish National Phenology network organised a symposium on how deliverables from phenology research and data monitoring can be used in planning and decision-making of stakeholders as well as for the general society for discovery and adaption to a changed climate. The symposium was held in connection to the Oikos conference in Uppsala February 4th, 2019, just prior to the main conference.

BECC announces six PhD positions in Lund

jorden 6 PhD positions within the BECC area, covering drought, wetlands, post-fire forest ecosystems, microbial soil, sustainable forest management and balancing agriculture in a policy context.

BECC researchers put attention to the school strike

DN Many BECC researchers has written a debate article that underlines that the demands from the youths are to be taken seriously and action is needed

First BECC ECR workshop

ecr The 6th and 7th of December 2018, the first multidisciplinary workshop gathering early career researcher from BECC was held in Halmstad, organized by Romain Carrié, Nils Droste and Marion Dupoux, all young researchers within BECC.

Well managed forests can limit climate change

Norunda forest Growing forests can limit climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the carbon in their biomass as they grow. How much carbon a forest stores varies between tree species, the forests age, weather conditions and how the forest is managed.

Report from The Science and Politics 1.5C seminar

termometer A well visited full day with engaged and broad audience and speakers were the results of the first official BECC grand seminar jointly organized with MERGE. A grand seminar is defined as a full day filled with speakers and possibilities for discussions. November 26, BECC and MERGE jointly presented The Science and Politics of 1.5C. The organizers thank all participants and presenters of the day and we learned a lot today from many different disciplines.

Environmental change in the Arctic

Abisko Scientific Research Station The region is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth and its polar bears and melting glaciers have become key symbols of climate change. But the Arctic, it seems, is not as well researched as we think it is.

BECC yearly meeting

direct effects An exciting, interesting and well-visited BECC annual meeting went off October 17-18 at Falkenberg Grand Hotel. The program was filled with lessons from the past and implications for the future regarding biodiversity conservation and policy. The meeting ended with perspectives from a climate journalist and his great tips on how to communicate climate research to the public (and journalists!).