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BECC events

BECC arranges events and meetings to make sure researchers and its stakeholders are updated on the latest research findings, and to facilitate the important cooperation and interaction within the research environment and with its stakeholders.

Recurring meeting places

The events listed below are recurring, and are important meeting places for our researchers and its stakeholders. Some are only open for members of BECC, and some are open to a wider target audience.

BECC Grand Challenge Theme meetings 

Once per semester each research theme organises a meeting where they invite researchers to discuss a topic relevant to their theme. Such a meeting might result in a new grant application, a workshop or the like. For BECC researchers.

BECC Grand Seminars

A day filled with speakers and possibilities for discussions. Open.

BECC Departmental Seminar

BECC invites researchers to participating departments. Open for researchers at Lund and Gothenburg. 

BECC Workshops

Workshops are often open for a wider audience than BECC members. Workshops serve many purposes, for example

  • to update a scientific area of particular interest to BECC 
  • to interact with stakeholders, 
  • to initiate research applications, or
  • to initiate research collaborations, including collaborations with stakeholders.

BECC Annual meeting 

Once a year the members within BECC meet during two days filled with research, inspiration, networking and important BECC-updates. The annual meeting is only open to BECC researchers and PhD students.

BECC biennial meeting with sister SRA MERGE

The complementary expertise and methodologies used by MERGE and BECC scientists has the potential to make significant contributions to our understanding of climate change and its links to biodiversity and ecosystem services, and to inform national and international policy and assessments based on the best available science. During the biennial spring meeting, the SRA:s meet to discuss how the SRA:s collaborate and strengthen the overlap in knowledge. The event is open to BECC and MERGE researchers.

BECC Social Science Platform

Discussion network for BECC researchers.

Swedish Climate Symposium

Every second year since 2022 BECC together with MERGE, the Bolin Centre and SMHI has arranged the Swedish Climate Symposium - a symposium for increased scientific understanding of climate change and its environmental and societal consequences. You may read more about The Swedish Climate Symposium 2024 here.
To find information about the Swedish Climate Symposium please visit the website.