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BECC consists of scientists at different stages of their career, from PhD-students to leaders of large research groups. A particular role is played by BECCs principal investigators (PIs) who, as representatives and leaders within the research groups encompassed by BECC, contribute to the development of BECC by proposing and reporting research and engaging in the communication and dissemination of BECC findings through interactions with stakeholders and scientific networks.


A PI in BECC is a permanently employed researcher leader at Lund or Gothenburg Universities pursuing an independent research program closely related to BECC’s aim (below). Being a PI implies using the affiliation with BECC that may be relevant to highlight, for example in your publications, presentations, research funding applications and CV. PIs are expected to contribute to the development of the BECC strategic research area, e.g. by pursuing relevant research development, facilitating synergies between research groups, interacting with stakeholders and attending relevant BECC meetings including seminars and Theme meetings. The PI list is updated yearly by the BECC board, with suggestion of new members made by current PIs.

The vision of BECC is to provide a world-leading research environment, bringing together excellent research and training at Lund University and the University of Gothenburg, with the aim of addressing society's growing need for scientific knowledge to inform the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services dimensions in policy formulation and decision-making in the face of a rapidly changing world. To this end, BECC strives to assess the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services on scales from the local to the global, with a focus on forestry, agriculture and subarctic ecosystems, but also related questions in urban environments and how runoff from forests and agriculture affects aquatic systems.  The focus is on Swedish conditions, but BECC maintains an international perspective through linkages to ecological, social and economic processes at the European and global levels.

Find all BECC PIs (pricipal investigators) here

List updated 2019-01-29.

Lund University

Centre for Environmental and Climate research

Centre for Mathematical Science/Mathematical Statistics

Department of Biology

Department of Geology

Department of Physical Geography & Ecosystem Science

Department of Political Science

Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies

University of Gothenburg

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Economics

Department of Marine Sciences

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