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ClimBEco Graduate Research School

A major mission of BECC, has been to, together with MERGE, initiate and being deeply involved in operating and financing the interdisciplinary research school ClimBEco. For BECC, ClimBEco ensures that new generations of BECC-associated PhD students acquire both general skills and the specific skills needed to, in interdisciplinary settings, tackle our identified challenges.

ClimBEco is a two-year graduate research school located at CEC that promotes interdisciplinary scholarship by supporting PhD students at LU and UGOT (240 since the start in 2011) in their networking and learning across different fields. Participants are mostly from LU and UGOT, but also Chalmers and fee-paying international scholars, with 240 graduates since the start in 2011. The research school offers a structured platform for scholars to interact around issues related to biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate, in a supportive network of peers and mentors. During 2022 and 2023, 37 PhD students took part and 21 courses were given. Moreover, many joined the mentoring programme offered by ClimBEco.

A crowd of people standing in front of the university building in Lund
Alumni from CEC and ClimBEco gathered outside the university building in Lund. Photo: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

ClimBEco pursues strategic collaborations that enhance the research environment. In 2020 collaboration with the Climate research school at the Bolin Centre at Stockholm University was formalized. Since then, ClimBEco has collaborated with both Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the University of Hamburg. Collaborations with Stockholm were brought to the Swedish Climate Symposium in 2022, and continue in 2024 include Hamburg, where the research schools host a common side-event.

In 2023 CEC and ClimBEco celebrated the 15-year anniversary of the first doctoral students in Environmental Science at CEC by hosting an alumni celebration with networking, workshops and lectures. An additional award for ClimBEco was the granting of continued funding until 2028 by the Faculty of Science at LU. Moreover, from 2024, the faculty of Engineering (LTH) will also be financially contributing to the graduate research school.

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