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Voices from BECC regarding COP15

A small creek. Photograph.

BECC researchers are active in media during COP15. Join us in the conversation!

As a research environment focused on biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing climate, COP15 in Montreal and the Convention on Biological Diversity is of utmost important for us. Many of our researchers are engaged in what is happening across the sea. Some of their voices has been heard in media and we have gathered them here.

Professor Henrik Smith

Henrik Smith is a professor of Animal Ecology and the coordinator of BECC.

Ahead of COP 15

Henrik Smith was interviewed in Swedish radio several times ahead of COP15:

Henrik Smith was also cited in many newspaper, for example:

Comments on the results of COP15

After COP15 Henrik Smith was asked to comment on the result in Swedish radio and other media:

Maria Blasi

Maria Blasi, one of the COP15-attending researchers, makes a short interview for Lund University on the hopes and expectations for the meeting.

Comments on the results of COP15

Maria Blasi was also interviewed after her participation at COP15 by Forskning och framsteg: 

Efter COP15: "Jag är försiktigt optimistisk"

Ola Olsson

Live talk before the UN conference on biological diversity, COP 15. Ola Olsson, researcher in biodiversity, answered the viewers' questions on December 5th. You can watch the recording at the link below (in Swedish)

Live talk with Ola Olsson

Alexandre Antonelli

Alexandre Antonelli is  Kew Gardens’ director of science, and a professor at the department of Biological and environmental sciences at the University of Gothenburg. He is also a member of BECC. Alexandre released his book The Hidden Universe - Adventures in Biodiversity earlier this year. He is often interviewed on questions regarding biodiversity. For example:

Cop15: the most important summit you’ve never heard of

Han kämpar för vårt dolda universum

Artmötet efter en vecka: Tröga förhandlingar och miljö-dna

Comments on the results of COP15

5 punkter: Vad innebär COP15-avtalet om biologisk mångfald?

On the last link above, they talk about environmental-dna which is also studied by researchers in BECC. Learn more about that research on the link below:

Airborne environmental DNA metabarcoding for the monitoring of terrestrial insects—A proof of concept from the field