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Welcome BECC guest researcher Liba Pejchar, Associate Professor from Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University


The purpose of Dr. Pejchar's visit is to advance science at the intersection of biodiversity, ecosystem services and agriculture in collaboration with BECC researchers.

Dr. Liba Pejchar brings expertise in several emerging topics in BECC at the intersection of biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being. Her lively research program explores innovative strategies for conserving and restoring biodiversity on human-dominated lands that are compatible with sustaining livelihoods.

Together Dr. Pejchar and the hosts will convene a working group of BECC scientists to explore scenarios in which birds are more or less likely to provide services and disservices, discuss potential tradeoffs for biodiversity and production, and propose a framework for testing these hypotheses. She will also explore collaboration on other topics of mutual interest including: phenological mismatches between fruit/seed production and bird migration under climate change as well as advancing private land conservation by identifying synergies and gaps between research and landowners’ needs.

In the spirit if BECC, she regularly collaborates across disciplines to address important conservation challenges. For example, she has active projects evaluating the social and ecological consequences of bison reintroduction to US prairies, the cascading effects of New Zealand's fenced sanctuaries on ecological processes, and the ecosystem services and disservices birds provide orchards. She also studies alternatives to residential sprawl and gas development as leading drivers of land use change.

Read more about Liba and her research at:

Get in contact with Liba using liba [dot] pejchar [at] colostate [dot] edu or meet her in office C321 at Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC), LU from 16 January to 15 May 2017.

Biology Research seminar where Dr. Liba Pejchar will talk about Rare birds, forest restoration, and ecosystem services in Hawaii Thursday 16 February 2017 at 13:15 at a Biology Research seminar (link to event)

Hosting group in BECC: Henrik Smith, Professor Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, Kim Nicholas, Associate Professor, Centre for Sustainability Studies and Johan Ekroos, Researcher, Centre for Environmental and Climate Research.

Visit Liba Pejchars seminar on Rare Birds, Forest restoration and Ecosystem Services in Hawaii 16/2.